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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: Dummy proof XML on-line editing
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 12:31:49 GMT
At 12:46 20/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>It would be very very nice also to have this (web)application to give you 
>suggestions (as a simple list) about elements or attributes that may or 
>must be added into the xml document (in a specific edit point) based on an 
>xsd definition file (instead of checking everything at the end of 
>composition), wouldn't be?.
You got me there!  I have no clue on what an xsd definition file 
is.  Please explain, or direct me to a site where I can find more info 
about this.  Thanks.
I was more thinking in the line of creating an intelligent web form, backed 
by JavaScript, that only allows you to select the tags that are available 
at the specific node.  This logic can be dynamically built based on the 
DTD.  A bit of DHTML does the rest.

Does anybody have another idea, apart from the already proposed Java Web Start?


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