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From Phil Blake <>
Subject [URGENT-HELP NEEDED] Stupidity stifles deployment attempt
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 01:06:28 GMT
Hi all,

Another attempt to deploy has failed and I have to chalk it up to 
stupidity - although I've seen (perhaps 20) different methods and 
configurations to get cocoon+tomcat+apache working together, I have 
proved too stupid to make ANY of them work.

I REALLY need someone who has successfully deployed a cocoon webapp to 
give me a hand getting the last step (mod_jk) configuration working. 
I've tried (perhaps 10) of the different configurations I've found and 
although I don't get any errors from apache, I have not once got a 
single connection from apache to tomcat.

The end result needs to be:

returns what I now get with:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - If there is someone who has SUCCESSFULLY 
achieved this, would you please spare me some time so I can solve 
whatever stupid misunderstanding I have about mod_jk.

Again, I've read many, many pages that make an attempt to tell me how to 
do this - please don't send me any more - I need real help.

If you've heard that someone did this by reading something on a url that 
you've never been to, please do not respond. I've had many responses 
from people (thanks for them all the same) who have never deployed 
anything, but had heaps of good advice that doesn't work. I can't afford 
any more of this kind of advice. :)

I have 1 day to get this site on-line and it was yesterday - I really 
need some help please.

Thanks in advance,


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