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From David Rosenstrauch <>
Subject Re: REQ: XSP in a stylesheet help
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 15:44:17 GMT
At 10:17 AM 12/19/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I figured I'd just use XSP inside of my stylesheet, but all
>I've accomplished so far is a literal printout of what is in between the
><xsp:expr> tags.

That's correct.

* An XSP page gets executed in the map:generate step.

* An XSL stylesheet gets executed in the map:transform step.

You tried to put XSP code into your stylesheet, so it will be ignored.

Your options:

* introduce a map:generate step before you run your stylesheet that executes an XSP with the
increment logic you want


* since all you want to do is incremental numbering, you might be able to avoid using XSP
altogether.  Look into using the xsl:number tag in your stylesheet.  That will probably give
you what you want.


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