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From David Rosenstrauch <>
Subject Re: FAQ - How do I hide "cocoon" in the URL
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 04:07:19 GMT
What they're referring to in the FAQ is that, by default, all URL's contain "cocoon" in them,
since usually cocoon resides in a "cocoon" sub-dir under, say, Tomcat.  They provide directions
how to take "cocoon" out of the URL.

I'm not sure what you're asking though.  What part of the URL are you trying to hide?  You
probably already know that the URL request parameters (e.g., index.html?parm1=a&parm2=b)
can be hidden by using method=POST, so I assume you're not asking about this.

If you can provide more details about what you're trying to hide, perhaps I can help.


At 02:59 PM 12/12/01 +1100, you wrote:
>I wish to "hide" part of the URL from the user.
>I noticed on the cocoon web site there is a FAQ with the title:  How do i hide "cocoon"
in the URL's once i integrate using mod_jk as shown above?
>FYI: The example in the cocoon FAQ doesn't so much "hide" anything in the URL, rather
presents the full URL immediately to the user - the complete opposite of the desired result.
>I'll have a play with rewrite and aliases to see if there is a way to "hide" part of the
URL (never used them before :) ) If someone has an answer to this, perhaps updating the FAQ
would be good.
>Thanks in advance,
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Please check that your question has not already been answered in the
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