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From Chris Hamilton <>
Subject Re: Jboss-Jetty Cocoon 2 sucess
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 01:35:53 GMT
I'll look into it today if possible, sf's prdownloads is quite 
overloaded right now. (It always is)


Jozsa Kristof wrote:

>I was very happy to read your mail, as I'm suffering with Cocoon and Jetty
>without any success for some time now. My situation is only a little bit
>different, I'm playing with JBoss3, which is tightly integrated with Jetty.
>I've did everything what came to my mind (about replacing the xml parsers,
>and playing with jboss' classpath), but couldn't get the thing working. 
>After getting your mail, I tried it your way; so I dropped cocoon into
>deploy, placed the jars, added the classpath, but got similar results as
>before. Trying to browse /cocoon it forwards to /welcome, which does not
>exists, and eg. trying to reach /cocoon/documentation/, I get a plain file
>listing; so the sitemap does not get executed.
>Can you check your method on the JBoss 3.0 alpha tarball, or any cvs
>snapshots please? It's a critical point for me whether Cocoon can work using
>JBoss3 or not.
>Best regards,
>On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 12:47:23PM +0800, Chris Hamilton wrote:
>>Hi, I just wanted to report success in building the latest Jboss-Jetty 
>>and Cocoon 2.
>>I am new to using Java, but I wanted to share this as it appears to be 
>>quite different
>>from older mail-list configurations.
>>JBoss-2.4.3_Jetty-3.1.3-1, Cocoon-2.0
>>Rock Linux 1.5.12-DEV,  Sun 1.3.1 SDK
>>It is actually quite simple:
>>Step 1:
>>Install cocoon as a war in either jboss/deploy or jetty/webapps.
>>Place the cocoon-x.x/webapp directory in jetty/webapps as cocoon and add
>> <Call name="addWebApplication">
>>   <Arg>/cocoon/*</Arg>
>>   <Arg><SystemProperty name="jetty.home" 
>>   <Arg><SystemProperty name="jetty.home" 
>> </Call>
>>Inside Configure tags of jboss/conf/jetty/jetty.xml .
>>Step 2:
>>Then copy from cocoon-x.x/lib to jboss/lib the following jars:
>>Step 3:
>>Add them to the jboss/bin/ classpath before crimson.jar:
>>Step 4:
>>Run and test it. (Warning cocoon's welcome page from /cocoon appears to 
>>go to
>>/welcome instead of /cocoon/welcome so just use that URI instead.)
>>There is no need to delete any libraries from jboss or jetty with this 
>>version. I think
>>all cocoon demonstrations worked with this.
>>I hope this will be useful.
>>-Chris Hamilton
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