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From Matthew Crocker <>
Subject Getting started with ELDAP and cocoon.
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 20:37:47 GMT

  I need some help and a point in the right direction,  I'm still working to get my head around
this whole XML thing and how cocoon handles requests.

  I'm using the latest Tomcat and cocoon2 from  I dl'd 
the bin distrubtion or Tomcat and the source distrubtion or cocoon2.   I 
rebuilt cocoon with the jndi.jar file in the libs directory and 
installed the cocoon.war file in my tomcat webapps dir.  Everything 
seems to be working fine.  The samples work, everything is good so far.  

I added this to my sitemap.xml and restarted tomcat.

 <map:match pattern="crocker">
        <map:generate src="crocker/xml/ldap.xml"/>
        <map:transform src="crocker/stylesheets/ldap.xsl"/>

ldap.xml is 'eldapbasicsample.xml' renamed to ldap.xml
ldap.xsl is 'eldap.xsl' renamed to ldap.xsl

I modified ldap.xml to use my local openLDAP server

When I connect to lodalhost:8080/cocoon/crocker I het the ldap.xml tech 
dumped to my browser.  I don't see any connection to LDAP and it looks 
like the .xml file is not being processed.  I know I'm missing a simple 
step I just don't know what it is.
Any help would be appreciated.,   Please reply directly as I may not see 
it on the list.



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