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From Christian Joelly <>
Subject [C2] The sitemap handler's sitemap is not available
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 07:54:32 GMT

i want to run C2 on Debian unstable w/ tomcat 3.3-2 and j2sdk1.3 but run
into troubles w/ the sitemap. i have carefully read all related threads
on the mailarchive, installed the Xvfb in the cocoonhost because many
ppl have reported that this should be a solution to this problem.
Unfortunately i havent found a solution for my problem ...

I have installed j2sdk, tomcat, apache, c2 and c2-example using debians
apt and have made no extra stuff.

i have attached the logfile data from the cocoon-log, if anyone can
point me to the right direction i would be very happy :o)


KNAPP Logistics Automation
Ing. Christian Jölly        Tel/FAX: (++43) 316 / 495 1926 / 495 394
Günter-Knapp-Straße 5-7     A-8075 Hart bei Graz

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