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From Rick <>
Subject C2: passing through straight HTML
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 19:26:06 GMT
hullo all,

we're doing a C2 app that's mostly XML-->XSLT stuff. but some of the
docs offer links to old-fashioned, static HTML pages.

we'd like to be able to just express a relative link in the XML source,
to an HTML file that lives in the same directory as the XML. is there
some quick-and-easy sitemap idiom for "just serve this as a static HTML

our alternatives seem to be (1) putting the static pages in the
"regular" part of the web server, with absolute URLs in the XML source,
and (2) adding rewrite rules to Apache to tell it "whenever you see this
pattern that looks like it's going to cocoon but ends in HTML, just grab
it from here instead."

i'm not even sure that option 2 is viable, though.



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