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From "Tomas Espeleta" <>
Subject Re: Dummy proof XML on-line editing
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 10:00:40 GMT
> To complement the Cocoon framework and to give the customer access to the
> site navigation and the content of his pages, I would like to add an
> on-line XML editor to a Cocoon project.
> I want to present the content of the XML file in a HTML form, so that the
> owner of the site can modify, add or delete the actual textual
> content.  XML validation must be done on the server, but will hardly be
> necessary since the structure of the XML file is managed by the editor.
> Has anybody any idea if there are any tools to achieve this?  Preferably
> open source.
> Thanks,
> Bert

I'm actually using JTidy (, converting input
from form to XML fragment, and putting it into a DB...
I'm interested on differents approachs...

- Tomas

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