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From <>
Subject Cocoon, XSP and many questions
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 10:12:26 GMT
Hi everybody,

i just started developing with cocoon2 a few days ago. Unfortunatly i can
not find sample code or even good tutorials.

I have to solve the following problem. i have several xml files. one with
content (content001.xml - content300.xml) and two or three abstract files
(abstract001.xml - abstract300.xml). and there is a file called sitemap.xml
which contains informations about navigation structure and what kind of
abstract files should be shown.
Depending on the parameter the site is called, i want to build a "small"
version of the sitemap, with just the navigation informations i have and
want to know which content and abstract documents are to load. Than i want
to merge the "small" sitemap, the content and the abstract xml documents.
Right know i know how to merge xml files but unfortunatly i have no idea how
to build the small sitemap and get informations out of it.
Can anyone held me? Or tell me a good tutorial site about cocoon?

Nick Fingerhut

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