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From Michael McKibben <>
Subject Problem with SVG and Apache+Tomcat 4.0.1?
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 22:10:46 GMT
Hello, I've run into an interesting problem when viewing the Cocoon2
documentation locally with Apache1.3 + Tomcat4.0.1 on Windows2000. The
Apache web server is using the new Tomacat 4.x mod_webapp module to
connect to Tomcat.  The problem appears to be with the generation of the
image labels for the navbar. When viewing through Apache and the webapp
connector, the request hangs on loading the images (i.e. the html is
generated, but the images appear as broken links when the browser times
out loading the page.) When viewing directly through the Tomcat HTTP1.1
connector the images are generated/loaded correctly.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I suspect it has to do with the fact
that the new webapp connector is trying to serve the images as static
content through Apache instead of allowing Cocoon to generate the images
with batik.



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