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From "Ryan Agler" <>
Subject prevent cocoon:/xxx caching
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 10:15:31 GMT
Hello~!  I have a small problem that's driving me nuts Im wondering if 
anyone knows the answer to.  In my sitemap, I have a pipeline (let's call it 
pipeline REF) with a serverpages generator that uses the "cocoon:" src 
attribute to reference  a different pipeline (let's call it pipeline SRC)  
for its input source.  Here's an example:

<map:match pattern="SRC">
<map:generate type="serverpages" src="docs/parseParameters.xsp"/>
<map:transform src="stylesheets/createXSPSource.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="xml"/>
<map:match pattern="REF">
<map:generate type="serverpages" src="cocoon:/SRC" />
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

parseParameters.xsp is a page I wrote that takes an XML document in a  
request parameter and converts it into contenthandler elements.  This whole 
setup works PERFECTLY just ONE time, but then a file called gets 
created in "work" in a directory called "http_" instead of "file_".  Every 
request after the first one yields the exact same response -- i.e. cocoon 
doesn't know that the request parameters are different.  How can I turn it 
off so that when I use cocoon:/SRC, that it won't get cached?  Any ideas, or 
completely different workaround to achieve the same result would be 
appreciated 8-)

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