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From Alex Vishnev <>
Subject RE: Cocoon2:XSP->Excel?
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 15:27:25 GMT

Thanks for the files. BTW, there is a couple of garbage data lines on the
bottom of source.xml. Looks like the file was not generated properly, or
maybe the data is not in English and it only looks like garbage to me. In
any case, just wanted to give you heads up on that. I did exactly as you
outlined in your email. I copied excel.xls into stylesheets directory and
source.xml into one of my project directory. I kept serializer stanza
unchanged and inserted that into my sitemap file. I changed map:match stanza
to match the installation keeping serializer as excel. However, I still get
the same results, the process looks like it is hung or maybe just taking an
extremely long time (over 5 min). Is this your experience as well? Anyone
else is having the same problem?


-----Original Message-----
From: Marcelo F. Ochoa []
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 7:18 AM
Subject: Re: Cocoon2:XSP->Excel?

Alex Vishnev wrote:

>I tried to configure everything that you suggested. When I try to open
>DEMOj.excel (or whatever it resolves to), the browser does not display any
>data. It almost looks like the process is hung. Can you enclose all of your
>files? BTW, as far as I understand dbprism does not play a role in this
>transformation. Is that correct?
  DB Prism is custom Generaror for Cocoon2, then XSP could play the same
role in the xml generation.
  DB Prism returns an XML as the source.xml file attached.
  Then is transformed by the excel.xsl stylesheet, attached too.
  But requires the special configuration into sitemap.xmap file to
return an correct mime type for excel.
  The sitemap modifications are:
   In a serializer sections:
   <map:serializer name="excel"  mime-type="application/"

  In pipelines section:
   <map:match pattern="xmlj/DEMOj.excel">
    <map:generate type="db" src="/xmlj/DEMOj.excel"/>
    <map:transform src="stylesheets/dbprism/excel.xsl"/>
    <map:serialize type="excel"/>

  Replace the pattern attribute according to your installation
configuration and the generate type to serverpages type for XSP
generation. Note that in this match section the serializer is "excel"
defined into the previous part.
  Best regards, Marcelo.

Marcelo F. Ochoa -
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