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From "Markus Witt" <>
Subject Processing a variable parameter list from a form
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 12:10:48 GMT

The following problem I want to solve using XSP and just the taglibs coming
with cocoon 1.8.2:

In the resulting document I want to generate a table with two columns
listing the parameters coming from a form and the corresponding values.

I can use <request:get-parameter-names> to see what parameters I got, but
then I’m stuck because I can’t see how the output can be used to get the
values of the parameters. If the request logicsheet could be applied a
second time, I would be able to generate specific
<request:get-parameter-values> elements.

I could solve the problem using <xsp:logic> and quering request myself or
build a custom taglib having a tag for that specific use, but so far I didn’
t like these possibilites.

How would the above described task be solved elegantly?

Thanks in advance,

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