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From "Rune Sandnes" <>
Subject RE: - new Cocoon 2 site ready for the live site list
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 08:32:12 GMT
> Fra: Alex Kachanov []
> Looks impressive
> How many hits you have?
> How high is the load?
> How powerful is the machine?

They get maybe 400-500 sessions a day, with approx 10-30 pageviews per
It's not that many visitors, it's a fairly narrow business field, 

We are running on a dual Xeon 700MHz with 1GB RAM, with many other
services, the load from Cocoon is negligible. (There is no subjective
time difference between the first time a new XSL sheet is compiled and
subsequent loads, which is fun of course)

We have currenctly set the Tomcat process running this site to use max
128MB RAM, which is a bit to small, mostly because we also do caching of
resized images in this memory space. I'm going to increase it a bit.

Klapp Media
(Trondheim, Norway)

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