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From "Rune Sandnes" <>
Subject - new Cocoon 2 site ready for the live site list
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:01:58 GMT

We just finished a large site for a customer in the offshore industry,
you can find it at This is a Cocoon 2 site, using
rc1, we were hoping for a Cocoon2 final release before our own,
but rc1 works nicely so far.

Please add this to the live sites list. There doesn't seem to be anyone
maintaining this list on the website now, but hopefully that will change
when more documentation comes online :-)

Thank you to everyone on this list who have helped us with questions! 
What Cocoon lacks in documentation so far it makes up for in a helpful

The Corrocean site contains hundreds of documents, one of the challenges
was to make it easy to navigate for the user, and easy to maintain for
the company. 

We are using our new CMS called eX on the administration side,
it is what we call a "user centric" publishing system.
It allows the administrators to navigate the site in a tree structure, 
and then edit the contents in a WYSIWYG editor that uses the actual
We are of the opinion that nothing is as inhibiting for the creative
process as a blank page, so it is easier to write an article when you
the framework and context to write into.

The administrators can also add images and other media to the documents,
them around, scale them etc. On the display side we use a java servlet
to scale 
and cache images on the server side before sending them to the client.
There is also the usual permission managment so you can set separate
rights for
writers, editors and publishers.

Working with XML-based solutions is fun, and enable us to do various
- The top menu and the side menu with document lists are generated from
the XML tree
- Data import from an offshore industry news site
- Automatic dictionary, certain terms in the text are marked for lookup
in the dictionary
- Generation of pages from database entries (dictionary, reference

We also have a second Cocoon2 site out,
It is a site for a division of Norway's dairy consortium, but it's in
so it will be less interesting for most of you I guess. 

The interesting part is maybe that yes, we are using Cocoon2 in
production environments
for large, commercial projects.

Have a look, let us know what you think.

Klapp Media
(Trondheim, Norway)

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