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From David Allen <>
Subject Passing markup Symbols through Cocoon
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2001 08:09:55 GMT

As the designers of Cocoon decided not to support the xsl:text attribute
disable-output-escaping I have a small problem to solve.

My XSLT stylesheet contains lines such as the following:
<SPAN STYLE="color:blue"><xsl:text
I am looking to pass through the &lt; entity so that the browser looking
at the
html will display the symbol < and not interpret it as a tag marker. In
words I want output like:
<SPAN style="color:blue">&lt;/</SPAN>
and not
<SPAN style="color:blue"></</SPAN>
that Cocoon is giving me.
Is there any way of solving this problem?
David Allen

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