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From Parc Place <>
Subject Re: Deploying Cocoon2 in JBoss under Linux
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2001 20:18:30 GMT
Hi, sorry about the delay, just catching up on my email this afternoon.

I managed to get this somewhat functional a few weeks ago - as you 
mention, there are a number of exceptions during startup about the 
unsupported codepage - I agree that it's not a critical problem, and can 
confirm that it isn't preventing cocoon from running.

>>I've read and followed all instructions when trying to deploy
>>Cocoon-2.0rc1a into JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-3.2.3 (the bundled edition) under my
>>Debian linux (sid). I've removed the JAXP and Crimson parsers, had put
>>xerces instead of it, modified the script according to the guide, and
>>even replaced jaxp/crimson with xerces+xalan in my ant installation.
Ok, here is a difference in our setup - I used the version bundled with 
tomcat 4
One thing that I needed help with was getting JBoss to use Xerces - I 
read on this mailing list (a very informative email from karl øie, email 
title was "FAQ: cocoon2 parser errors +tomcat/jboss/whatever", you can 
try searching for it) that you have to tell it which SAX parser and DOM 
builder to use - my for jboss has been modified so that it 
contains this:

Although it was a nice challange getting all this working together, I've 
decided to switch back to plain Tomcat for Cocoon, and experiment with 
EJB seperately. For now, at least.

Good luck,

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