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From Ryan Shaw <>
Subject Re: No more DTM IDs are available?
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 14:51:44 GMT
I am using J2RE 1.3.0 IBM build cx130-20010626 on Debian Linux
running a 2.4.13 kernel. This seems to happen no matter what
I set the maximum heap size to.

Do you know what a DTM ID is?

Marcelo F. Ochoa wrote:

>  I reported this problem some days ago. It is no a problem of xalan.
>  Is more conected with Sun JVM and the operating system resources.
>  Are you using Sun JVM 1.3.1 on Sun Solaris?
>  In my case this problem desapear removing the flag -server when start 
> the servlet container.
>  Best regards, Marcelo.
> Ryan Shaw wrote:
>> I am using Cocoon to generate PDF documentation as part of a build
>> process, as in the Jakarta Avalon project.
>> Very often, I get a "No more DTM IDs are available" exception (see
>> complete trace below) and the build fails. This appears to be a Xalan
>> exception.
>> However, it does not happen every time. I can find no pattern to
>> when it happens and when it doesn't.
>> I am using Xalan Java version 2.2.D11. I did not have this problem
>> with the version I was using previously (Xalan Java version 2.2.D8),
>> but I had to upgrade to the latest version due to bugs in D8 (it was
>> screwing up import precedence of attribute sets).
>> Can anyone tell me 1) what a DTM ID is (api docs are unhelpful) and
>> 2) how I can avoid this problem?
>> Thanks,
>> Ryan

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