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Subject Re: SV: What is Cocoon good for???
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 17:01:04 GMT

"Torsten Curdt" says:
> > Regarding this problem in general...  I was unable to get Cocoon to
> > make an SQL request using JConnect (Sybase JDBC).  There's an issue in
> > the way the connection setup is attempted.  However I use this JDBC
> > driver in servlets all the time, so I just made a servlet output an
> > XML document (be sure to set the content type) and included the URL
> > for that servlet, with parameters, in my XML file.  It's working
> > perfectly.
> We use Sybase with JConnect in combination with C1 + C2 - no problems here

Really?  Hmm, well when I looked around before all I found on this was
that it was a known issue with no obvious solution.  A couple other
people had had the same problem.  I even mentioned it on this list.
Since then I just sort of moved on in the direction I said above, and
that's been fine.

I'll see if I can find my old example.

I'm using C1 by the way.

Jeff Sexton
ODS Health Plans

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