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From "" <>
Subject Site to add...
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 00:47:02 GMT
Hey all...

The link on the Cocoon site listed this as the email address to send this

This isn't the CLEANEST use of Cocoon2, but I've had it up and running for
a while now.  When I say it's not clean, I mean the back-end.  I really
need to find the time to trim down the sitemap to BARE essentials.  :) 
Right now, I just removed most of the sample stuff, etc.  This was my
first playing with Cocoon at all... dunno if I did things the "best" way
behind the scenes, but it really helped make it easier to add stuff to my
site and give it a bit more of a professional look.

Anyway... Whomever this needs to get addressed to... here's the URL:



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