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From "Andreas Hartmann" <>
Subject C2, DocBook - TransformerException in document()
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2001 13:41:27 GMT
Hi Cocoon-Community!

I use
- Cocoon2
- DocBook 4.1.2
- Norm Walsh's XSL Stylesheets 1.46 (CVS Version from 2001-11-11)

When I try to transform a simple article, I get the following message:

Error in TraxTransformer: file://intranet3/stylesheets/docbook-xsl-1.46-cvs/html/../common/l10n.xsl;
Line 79; Column 15; 
; SystemID: file://intranet3/stylesheets/docbook-xsl-1.46-cvs/html/../common/l10n.xsl; Line#:
79; Column#: 15
javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Can not load requested doc: intranet3
 at org.apache.xalan.templates.FuncDocument.warn(

/intranet3 is my Cocoon base directory.
The error seems to occur when the stylesheet tries to receive the current XSL document with

[l19n.xsl line 19] <xsl:param name="l10n.xml" select="document('../common/l10n.xml')"/>
[l19n.xsl line 79] <xsl:choose>
[l19n.xsl line 80]   <xsl:when test="$l10n.xml/l:i18n/l:l10n[@language=$adjusted.language]">

Here's my sitemap:

      <map:match pattern="projekte/intranet.html">
        <map:generate src="documents/projects/intranet/intranet.xml"/>
        <map:transform type="xslt" src="stylesheets/documents/docbook-import.xsl"/>

I use docbook-import.xsl to import docbook.xsl:

<xsl:import href="file:///intranet3/stylesheets/docbook-xsl-1.46-cvs/html/docbook.xsl"/>

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!


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