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From Jozsa Kristof <>
Subject Deploying Cocoon2 in JBoss under Linux
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 14:52:38 GMT

  I've read and followed all instructions when trying to deploy
Cocoon-2.0rc1a into JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-3.2.3 (the bundled edition) under my
Debian linux (sid). I've removed the JAXP and Crimson parsers, had put
xerces instead of it, modified the script according to the guide, and
even replaced jaxp/crimson with xerces+xalan in my ant installation.

  Now when I fire up JBoss+Tomcat, everything starts up correctly (well,
*almost*: as I have some strange codepage-related messages ('The encoding
"Cp1252" is not supported.'), but these should not matter on the topic).
Even if I drop the cocoon.war file to Jboss' deploy dir, everything seems to
be ok, just when I turn my browser to http://host/cocoon/, I get the usual
message about the sitemap could not be compiled, and dies with "Could not load
class for program 'org/apache/cocoon/www/sitemap_xmap'
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.cocoon.www.sitemap_xmap)". I've
read all my logs throughoutly, but this is the only error which appears (but
that does 3 times).

  A few mins ago, I've replaced my old cocoon to the today release, and gave
it a try with Cocoon-2.0rc2 as well but with the very same results. (Even
though I saw an applied patch in the Changes file which allows using crimson
instead of Xerces).

Thanks much,
Christopher Jozsa


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