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From "Robert" <>
Subject RE: .NET vs. Cocoon
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 19:18:38 GMT
Hello Jeremy,
While I have not done any real comparisons, seeing as .Net isn't even
viable yet, the one thing that I always argue is that with ASP, you
really can't do the kind of frameworks that you can with a J2EE/Java
solution. Take a look at Cocoon, Struts, Turbine, JetSpeed, etc, etc,
etc. How many frameworks do you see for ASP? 
Granted, .Net is supposed to be heavy into XML, and Microsoft does have
a fast XML parser, but to do the kind of things you can do with say,
Cocoon, would not be easy. Most ASP development is plagued by lots of
VB/Jscript, the kind of thing Cocoon, and even Struts to a degree, try
to get away from because of the maintenance problems. 
Depending on your political environment, a solution like Cocoon *might*
be a tough sell. I know that in a lot of companies, not all but many,
open source frameworks are hard to sell internally. If you can, Cocoon
seems to be a good fit for what you describe.
Robert McIntosh
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From: Jeremy Crosbie [] 
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2001 12:49 PM
To: ''
Subject: .NET vs. Cocoon
I work for a company who's presence is mostly associated with the
wireless web although we do have a web presence. We support all sorts of
devices (PDAs, phones, PocketPC, etc.) with each essentially having its
own separate codebase which has become a maintenance nightmare. With
WAP2.0 coming soon to a phone near you we want to avoid having to
support so many codebases.
We realized this as a problem some months ago and began evaluating
different technologies. I had been following Cocoon for some time and
now with Cocoon in the release candidate stage it looks to be a solid
solution. However another alternative has presented itself in the form
of .NET which has gained some momentum. As far as my knowledge goes with
.NET I still find Cocoon to be a superior solution to the problem than
.NET. Has anyone done any comparisons between the two platforms that
they are willing to share? Any information is greatly appreciated.
Jeremy Michael Crosbie
Senior Software Engineer
go2Address: US.CA.IRV.GO2

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