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From "Adam A R" <>
Subject Japanese characters on DoCoMo
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 02:03:46 GMT
Hi All,

I have been trying to put translated Japanese characters on my DoCoMo pages.
I am using Cocoon 1.8 and I18NProcessor provided by www.infozone-group 's
prowler package.

I know the translation works. Because the translation is properly displayed
on UP-Browser and au-phone. But the Japanese characters(static-in my base
XML document or Dynamic-text input by i18n translation) are just not
displayed in my page(I dont see anything - probably spaces).
The encoding too is correct.

Currently I am making it work by the wrong method.
    I am using the TextFormatter and using
<xsl:text><![CDATA[...]]></xsl:text> to output the tags.
And now everything seems to be fine.

Can anybody tell me what I am missing by using i18n with HTMLFormatter??

Thanks in advance.


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