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From "Tomas Espeleta" <>
Subject Re: Any Publishing Frameworks similar to cocoon?
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2001 09:45:59 GMT
> No I like Cocoon and Java very much :-)
> but currently I'm writing a dissertaion about Cocoon and therefor
> I'm wondering there are no other products like Cocoon.

I really don't know, but I've heard many medium-sized companies with $$ (and
even bigger ones),
use cocoon mounted on $$$ J2EE App servers... This may be for 2 reason (or
1) Cocoon is a really good product
2) It doesn't exist some commercial product similar to cocoon...

> For your interest:
> For my dissertation I developt a online Timer based on cocoon2.
> One of the goals of the implementation was to allow any user to
> use this online timer. This means every Browser type (micro or
> desktop-browser)
> can access this application. With the help of CC/PP i read the
> max. resolution of the device and therefore the webpage is customized
> due to the needs of the client. It also allows to generate CSS dynamically
> based on the preferences the user has (stored in a DB).

Really interesting! any ready url to take a look?

-- Tomas.

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