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From "Robert J. Lebowitz" <>
Subject Re: Headless Server and jdk 1.4
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 15:46:46 GMT
> it's working fine for me, except that I'm using rc1a of cocoon. But I had
> change some things. When you start tomcat, you have to set the headless
> properity. Simple look on for an example.
> Then you have to recompile batik and fop and copy them into the cocoon
> directory. You have to use the 1.0 batik, not the 1.1. But batik doesn't
> compile.

That's odd.... I managed to compile it without errors... I might have to try
that again, in case I messed something up.

Fop, on the other hand has required some changes.  I'm in the middle of
creating dummy methods to match the new ones in the awt API.

I know what you're saying about not wanting to submit the patches; my fixes
are really just a way to get the thing to compile, but it doesn't address
the real issue which is to rewrite the classes so that they utilize the new
features available within 1.4.  I suspect that if they start using the new
I/O and other features they'll have a more efficient version of FOP and
Batik available.  However, it will require a rather intensive rewrite as far
as I can tell.

> it didn't change anything. Big font sizes are working well, small ones are
> almost unreadable. I don't know why.
> Also all graphics are looking different than in non-headless mode.

This is very discouraging... I had hoped that when I finished, I'd have a
"cleaner" solution to my problem; namely no need for running Xvbf to get the
same results.

I read a posting that suggested that the Batik and Fop folks had to make a
lot of weird changes to get the font metrics stuff to work correctly.  One
poster suggested that using JDK 1.4 cleared up all this, but your results
suggest otherwise.... sigh.


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