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From "Robert J. Lebowitz" <>
Subject Reducing system resource usage by Tomcat/Cocoon
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 02:40:56 GMT
I've been running Cocoon 2 for a few days now using Tomcat/Apache as a
servlet container.  Frankly, I'm a bit stunned at what a memory hog the
framework is.

I've been trying to determine by what means I can reduce the amount of
memory utilized, but thought I'd simply ask the group to see what items they
think would be significant:

1.  Choice of VM:  I'm using Sun's jdk 1.3.1 under Linux.  Would the IBM VM
be a better choice?
2.  Configuration of Tomcat:  what aspects of Tomcat can be tuned to reduce
memory usage?  I've experimented  running Tomcat in standalone mode, and
using the Warp connector.. what can I do to reduce resource usage?
3.  Eliminating unneeded jars, Generators, Transformers, etc.
4.  Cocoon configuration itself...

Thanks.... I look forward to your remarks.


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