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From "Dinkar Ganti" <>
Subject Serializer requests
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 19:17:17 GMT

I had posted this message earlier. The reason it is important is that each
request in our application opens a Database connection which we would like
to limit. Any help in this regard, will be greatly appreciated.

When I use XMLSerializer in the pipeline, the WebServer two requests for the
same pattern. For example for the following pipeline

<map:match pattern="blank.svg">
	<map:generate src="docs/esdm/blank.svg"/>
	<map:serialize type="xml"/>

The Webserver access log shows - - [27/Sep/2001:17:04:16 -0400] "GET /cocoon/blank.svg HTTP/1.1"
200 146 - - [27/Sep/2001:17:04:16 -0400] "GET /cocoon/blank.svg HTTP/1.1"
200 146

Whereas if I change the pipeline to
<map:match pattern="blank.svg">
	<map:generate src="docs/esdm/blank.svg"/>
	<map:serialize type="svg2png"/>
</map:match> - - [27/Sep/2001:17:20:48 -0400] "GET /cocoon/blank.svg HTTP/1.1"
200 1262

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


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