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From Michael Homeijer <>
Subject RE: If file exists
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 07:23:17 GMT

I use a fileexistsaction which checks if a file exists and if it doesn't it
substitutes a parameter with a default name.

snap from my sitemap:

   <map:match pattern="annotation/**.xml">
	<map:act type="fileexists" src="docs/annotation/{1}.xml">
		<map:parameter name="default"

		<map:generate src="{the-file}"/>


Michael Homeijer

-----Original Message-----
From: Simone Gianni []
Sent: zaterdag 20 oktober 2001 17:47
Subject: If file exists

Hi all ..
	.. sorry .. today I'm flooding this mailing list :))

	I would like to know if there is a way to make something if a given

	Actually i'm doing a lot of content aggregations, and i'm searching
a way 
to aggregate a document only if the given document is there. I've tried to 
put it on a different pipe, then aggregate it with 
"cocoon:/thepipe/etc../etc..", but if the generator of the subpipe doesn't 
find the document it drops both the subpipe and the aggregation.

	Thanks, and ciao ..


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