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From Aurelien <>
Subject nested logicsheets
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 08:05:35 GMT

I have designed a centralized session tracking system (server-side) 
which works with J2EE: gatekeeper. gatekeeper tries to make sure only 
one person at a time is using the same session by changing a requestID 
value at each request. The mechanism is well suited for a situation 
where the particular servlet engine serving successive request is 
unpredictable (ie it is overkill if there's only one servlet engine).

Other EJB's provide methods that serve data, for possibly complex 

I'd like to have both type of EJB's collaborating in XSP pages. I'd 
construct taglibs for both gatekeeper and another type of EJB's, which 
I'd group under the name "infokiosk". Ideally, I'd have XSP pages like 

<infokiosk:getMatchScore matchId="4321">
     <gatekeeper:checkUser sessionId="34JKJ4334JITG4350" 

How do I implement such a thing ? Is it my logicsheet's responsibility 
to nest the embedded tags, or is there some automatic handling of those 
situations ?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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