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From "Madel,Kurt" <>
Subject Complex Forms
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 21:58:23 GMT
The company that I work for builds web front-ends for database editing,
viewing, report generation, etc.  I am using Cocoon2 to generate dynamic PDF
reports, and we use ASP for the rest of the site.  I would like to use
Cocoon for the entire site, but have yet to see any examples of extremely
complex forms.

Has anybody created complex multi-page forms with validation to insert
complicated records into a database, and then manipulate those records, and
if so did you add any non-standard components to Cocoon (ie. databinding)?

What is the status of exformula??

If this just isn't Cocoon's cup of tea, do any users have an opinion of what
is the best web framework/templating system for complex, validated, data
intensive html forms.


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