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From Simone Gianni <>
Subject Aggregate and root elements
Date Sat, 20 Oct 2001 00:04:25 GMT
Hi all ..

	I'm trying to do, with cocoon 2rc1, something like this : aggregate some 
contents, between these there are some which are themself aggregated, these 
are boxes on the right of my page, and some of them are static and common 
for all the site, some others are specific to a certain path, some others 
are based on other parameters.

	The boxes are in some files, some of this contain only one box, some 
others contain more that one box. So the structure of this XMl files is 
like this :

	<box id="1234">
		<body>This is the body of the box</body>
	<box id="5678">
		<body>This is the body of the box</body>

	When i aggregate them, i can add a root element to the entire aggregation, 
add a root element to every single aggregated file, but cannot remove the 
root "boxes" element in each file to obtain a plain box list.

	Is there a way to do it ? to remove the root element of an aggregated 

	Thanks, ciao,

	Simone Gianni

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