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From Phil Blake <>
Subject Re: Fastest Platform (softwarewise)?
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 21:25:07 GMT

We run apache/tomcat/cocoon on 3 server platforms, Linux, AIX and MacOS 

Linux on a dual PIII 550, OSX on a PPC-G4 450 and AIX on a 4x250MHz 

Bang for buck, a G4 running OSX wins hands down. However, believe it or 
not, the dual PIII comes in second (AIX don't come close... too 
expensive for real consideration and Windows is not a server operating 
system in practice, only in marketing).

The Dual PIII was about 10% more than the G4 (after adding SCSI) and 
about 70-80% the performance.

Although theory has it that a G4 500MHz has about the same performance 
as a PIII 1.5GHz (ie triple the performance), I've found that it's 
really more like double the performance, not triple.


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