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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Fastest Platform (softwarewise)?
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:17:24 GMT
Phil Blake wrote:
> Hi,
> We run apache/tomcat/cocoon on 3 server platforms, Linux, AIX and MacOS
> X.
> Linux on a dual PIII 550, OSX on a PPC-G4 450 and AIX on a 4x250MHz
> PPC-G3.
> Bang for buck, a G4 running OSX wins hands down. However, believe it or
> not, the dual PIII comes in second (AIX don't come close... too
> expensive for real consideration and Windows is not a server operating
> system in practice, only in marketing).

That's interesting, I didn't think OSX would come out on top--maybe second
though.  As to AIX, and this goes for Solaris as well, they are very
expensive--so bang for the buck goes down.  How about raw performance
though?  Which comes out on top?

> The Dual PIII was about 10% more than the G4 (after adding SCSI) and
> about 70-80% the performance.

So for 10% more cost you gain 70-80% more speed.  That is a reasonable
tradeoff.  What kinds of tests did you run?  How does each one scale
(as you add more clients).  How many simultaneous connections can each
platform handle before you reach saturation?

> Although theory has it that a G4 500MHz has about the same performance
> as a PIII 1.5GHz (ie triple the performance), I've found that it's
> really more like double the performance, not triple.

Careful there.  Clockrate != performance.  When all things are equal
(i.e. chip architecture, design, etc.), then clockrate is effective
to determine relative performance increases.  However, the G4 and the
PIII have very different architectures.  This is true of the PIII and
the P4, and the P4 and the K7.  In that case 1.5GHz in all three
processors would have very different performance results.  As far as
I know, the G4 is not capable of the high clockrates, so it makes up
for it with an efficient pipeline.  The pentium series was designed
for high clockrates.

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