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From Parc Place <>
Subject Re: MySQL Drivers - Cocoon 1.8.2
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 20:44:11 GMT
The JDBC drivers on that page are, as far as I know, the best ones 
available for MySQL. I use them without any problems with Cocoon 2. I 
have added them to the classpath of my servlet engine (tomcat 4, 
modified the shell script that starts the server to include the MySQL 
jar in the classpath). I had problems using them with Cocoon without 
putting it in the servlet engine classpath - not sure why, I haven't 
investigated at all. 

Colm O'Riordan wrote:

>Hi Adam,
>Unfortunately I am beginning to think my problem is more serious. I have tried setting
>the classpath several places using the driver you pointed me to.
>I even tried unpacking the jar at the same locations, and passing the jar into the
>jre/lib/ext directory but no results.
>I will continue to retrace my tracks and let you know the outcome.
>As I say I am relatively new to Linux so it could be something outside of Cocoon that
>is causing the problem.
>In the meantime, if anyone could suggest an alternative JDBC driver for mysql that
>would be great.

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