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From Samuel Arnod-Prin <>
Subject [C2] How to give intelligence to XSL ???
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 13:14:11 GMT

I would like someone to help me to resolve a simple problem :

I've got a few xml files...   page_X.xml
all page_X.xml are transformed using pages.xsl

In pages.xsl, I would like to add <a href="edit.xsp">EDIT ME!</a> only
if request.getSession().getAttribute("editable") equals "1" ..

how can I do ?? I don't want to add java code into my xml files... I
want them in xml not xsp...
what is the solution ??

There seems to be a session logicsheets in cocoon doc, but only for
c1... I've tried for c2, but it always return blank (for example

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