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From "Christer Lindh" <>
Subject how to implement a dynamic sitemap?
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2001 22:03:06 GMT
As far as I've understood C2, there is now a quite static sitemap which tells what request
gets what XSL. This is too static for my needs, I would like to do a bunch of calculations
and then decide on what XSL to use. Is there any way I can accomplish this with C2?

I have my own producer today with Cocoon 1 which creates Documents from data in my database,
and these are then assigned an XSL depending on a bunch of parameters (from the database and
user environment as well), ie I add PI:s to the Document DOM dynamically.

So - is it possible to use "classic" cocoon1.8 processing instructions with cocoon2, instead
of specifying processing stages in the sitemap?

If not, can I do my own implement of the Sitemap interfaces and get C2 to use those instead?
 My classes would act just like a sitemap (as the interfaces are the same) but get it's daata
from database instead of a XML file in the filesystem.

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