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From "Brent L Johnson" <>
Subject Moderated or just Delay?
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 16:09:03 GMT
I sent a message about an hour and a half ago to this list and it still
hasn't appeared on the mailing list.  Is there a a 1.5+ hour delay in
messages that are sent???  Anyway, I'll copy the other message I sent just
in case there is a problem.  Hopefully someone will have some ideas on
what's causing this NumberFormatException (my logicsheet code isnt doing any
number formatting or anything - but I'm still getting this exception).

Also, one addition to this email - I'm running JDK1.3.1 in development and
JDK1.2.2 in production - could this be the problem?


I've got a development machine and a production machine, both running Cocoon
1.8 under Tomcat on a Unix machine.
I've made changes to my development environment and added a new logicsheet
that will generate the header for the pages.  I added the logicsheet to all
my xml documents, and they worked FINE in development.

When I pushed these changes into production, I started getting parseInt()
errors in the Java code thats being generated by Cocoon/Tomcat (it only
seems to be on pages that use other logicsheets, and make esql calls).  I
checked the actual Java code, and the error is in the internal ESQL code.
It has to do with a parseInt() on the "max_rows" of the esql statement -
which in the case of my generated code is "" (which generates a parseInt()
exception).  Also, let me reiterate, this parseInt() is NOT in my
logicsheet - it's generated by Cocoon.

Could someone please tell me how esql and/or Cocoon is generating a
parseInt() exception in production and not development?  (these are the
EXACT same files - I use RSYNC to sync up all the files).  And why it would
generate a parseInt() exception in the code generated by Cocoon/Tomcat??

I've temporarily fixed this by removing the logicsheet from the affected
pages, and relying on a static stylesheet template tag to create a
non-dynamic header.


- Brent

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