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From Søren Neigaard <>
Subject SV: SV: Arrg - need somebody who knows the inside of Cocoon2
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 17:14:21 GMT
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From: Sergio Carvalho []
Sent: 10. oktober 2001 09:43

> Well yes... I can't get Enhydra to deploy the WAR at all, so I took the
> structure from the WAR containing all the class files and config files,
> I use them instead. This works fine under Tomcat (tested it there to be
> that wasn't my problem).
> I know it's a Web Application, but it's build up by servlets (if not, it's
> really spooky), and I guessed that Cocoon uses some sort of controller
> servlet. I just cant figure out how this servlet is referenced, it's not
> from web.xml (I can't find it anyway). Well I'm just very confused right
> :(

> It's a servlet, referenced from the webapp's web.xml file, found under
> on the war package. You'll find a line like this:

> Tomcat automatically deploys .war files found on the webapp directory on
> startup. That's why you don't have to do anything else but drop the war
file on
> the spot. I never used Enhydra, so I can't help you there. If it is able
> extract .war archives, I'd try to go through that route, and find out why
> isn't deploying Cocoon. Perhaps enhydra doesn't automatically deploy new
> and needs to receive a direct command to do so.

I can't get Enhydra to deploy my WAR, I'm sorry to say :( I found the
ParanoidCocoonServlet, but it's name is Cocoon2, how come I can run the
samples by hitting cocoon (works on Tomcat)?

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