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From "Liam Morley" <lmor...@WPI.EDU>
Subject mod-rewrite troubles (formerly RE: how to get "dir-name/" to point to "dir-name/index.html")
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 08:33:46 GMT

Thank you very much for your help thus far- that was a great assistance.
I'm currently having some troubles with mod_rewrite. It seems that when
I try the following:

RewriteRule mydir/(.*) cocoon/mydir/$1 [PT]

I get a "HTTP 400 - Bad Request" response after trying to access
http://localhost/mydir/. If I try http://localhost/mydi/ instead, I get
the proper HTTP 404. Could anybody shed some light on this?

Also, Nikola, you said that "If they are not real directories - then you
should just write a regexp that looks for that pattern ^(.+[^/])$ except
explicitly say what the directory is." Do you mean something like this:

RewriteRule    mydir$           mydir/ [R]
RewriteRule    mydir/subdir1$   mydir/subdir1/ [R]
RewriteRule    mydir/subdir2$   mydir/subdir2/ [R]

Or perhaps something like:
RewriteRule    ^(.+[^(?:\.html)])$    $1/ [R]

What I was trying to say there (and I hope it came out right) is that
anything that doesn't end with ".html" will be redirected to include a
slash after it. Would that work, do you think? Again this is all
hypothetical at the moment as I'm still getting "HTTP 400 - Bad Request"
messages. The Rewrite log does seem to indicate the request is being
handled correctly and that the correct message is being passed
afterwards (at least, I think so)...

Thanks again, you've been an incredible help.

Liam Morley

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