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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Session lost
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:01:06 GMT
At 2:09 PM +0100 13/9/01, Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>Dear All,
>I am building a little login test.
>It is meaningless, because the login validation is hard-coded but it is a
>handy test for me, because I am just learning ;)
>Here is a snippet of my (sub) sitemap:


>				<map:act type="form-validator">
>					<map:parameter name="descriptor"
>						value="context://r2r/resources/validators/login-test.xml"/>
>					<map:parameter name="validate-set" value="is-logged-in"/>
>					<map:act type="session-propagator">
>						<map:paramater name="username" value="{../username}"/>
>						<map:paramater name="password" value="{../password}"/>
>					</map:act>


OK, sorry, I worked out why it was not working

1. wrote 'paramater' instead of 'parameter', yek!
2. the expression to pick up the parameter was wrong, but I don't
understand why

	<map:parameter name="username" value="{../username}"/> did'nt work

	<map:parameter name="username" value="{username}"/> worked

which puzzled me, I thought that because the 'session-propagator' action
was nested inside the 'form-validator' I would need to access the 'parent'
Map, I thought the 'form-validator' was the one that had put the parameters
onto the Map.

regards Jeremy

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