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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [C2] sample httpd.conf for TomCat 4 + C2
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 12:45:30 GMT
At 4:04 PM +1000 24/9/01, Jeff Turner wrote:
>On Sun, Sep 23, 2001 at 04:42:10PM +0100, Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am trying to get TomCat 4.0 and Cocoon 2.1b to run behind Apache 1.3.
>> I get an 'Invalid virtual host name' error on line 4, ie. the line trying
>> to set up the 'examples' context.
>> Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?
>The WebAppDeploy bit must be inside a <VirtualHost> tag. Can't remember
>where I read this.. anyway, this is what I appended to my httpd.conf:
>LoadModule webapp_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
>WebAppConnection warpConnection warp localhost:8008
><VirtualHost localhost>
>  DocumentRoot /home/jeff/public_html
>  ServerName localhost
>  WebAppDeploy examples warpConnection /examples/
>That fixed the "Invalid virtual host name" error. I then restarted
>everything, and found I was getting these errors on catalina.out:

Yes, thanks, that helped me fix that problem, but now Apache cannot trigger
TomCat ..... <?>

>At this point I gave up ;P It's beta code, after all..

Well, I am running the release version of TomCat 4.0.
Do you refer to the quality of the "WarpConnector"?

>Good luck

Still trying to get it going if anyone has a working sample, please forward it.


regards Jeremy


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