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From Udi Weinsberg <>
Subject Re: Language Support in Request Parameters
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 16:36:33 GMT

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Piroumian, Konstantin wrote:

> > <skipped>
> >
> > This basically means, that if it finds a %CC encoded char, it simply
> > translates the CC into it's CHAR equivalent, and appends it to the
> > resulting string. Isn't this right?? It seeems perfectly right, since the
> > DB works with theexact same hex values, and the only way to pass chars is
> > using their BYTE value (0-255). I really don't understand what I am
> > missing here.
> >
> > I am using the DBAddAction to add data to the database.My pipe line is
> > quite simple and looks like:
> > AddPatient.xsp (has form) -> DBAddAction (using the request arguments) ->
> > ShowPatient.xsp (show the details by querying from the DB).
> What I could get from your email is that you can get a correct parameter,
> store it in a database and then show it. So, where's the problem? Maybe you
> should try to URLEncode/URLDecode your params before sending/after
> receiving? It's Friday evening and quite difficult to understand. ;)

I wish! Can't get the correct parameter! It inserts garbage into the DB
and shows the same garbage later on. I would have tried to Encode/Decode,
but I am using the AddAction, which is supplied with C2. I guess I'll have
to start mess with the code.

> >
> > The problem is not in the DB or JDBC driver since I am able to retrieve
> > data from the db and insert it to a param argument. Perhaps I'll try to
> > see how this variable is set (as a simple string, in which base?).
> Where do you set a variable? In XSP to a Java variable or maybe some other
> way (sitemap, action, stylesheet)? Maybe the problem is in your own code?

The variable is set for me. The C2, once it gets the Request builds up the
HttpEnvironment object with the parameters parsed in HttpRequest object.
Then this is passed to the DBAddAction (not my code) and off to the
database (only it does not work!). I doubt that the problem is in my code,
since I did not write any code ;-)

> >
> > An example (regardless of your i18) will be great. Btw, did you documented
> > the 'iw <-> he' problem I sent you?
> Sorry, not yet, but I remember about it.
> Unfortunately, the project I am working on has very little Cocoon relation
> now, and I have no much time to support i18n now. I have several things to
> do: add your note, correct Polish translation, improve samples, etc. but I
> can't predict when it'll happen.

Indeed - time is a problem. Friday night - let's call it a day! :-)

> >
> > If you are listed in the cocoon-dev list, perhaps you can post the problem
> > there. Let me know!
> >

Forget this - I already posted the prbolem in the dev group. let's see
what the experts have to say about this :-)


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