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From Udi Weinsberg <>
Subject Language Support in Request Parameters
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 13:20:01 GMT

C2, WNT (hebrew enabled), Tomcat3.2.3, MySQL, IE5.5


I'm trying to write an application that uses hebrew in forms (meaning that
the user can insert hebrew chars into form elements, mainly input boxes).
I guess that the problem is the same in any language which is encoded into
special html chars.

I ran a simple application in tomcat (as a simple servlet) and in cocoon2,
which simply takes the data you entered in an input box (in hebrew), place
it into a request parameter and then displays the request parameter from a
different page.

In the post message, I saw that explorer is coding my chars correct:
POST .....
host: ...

UserName: %E0%D9%E3....

When I ran the application on a Tomcat servlet - the results were good. I
saw the exact (hebrew) chars that I've written before.

On the C2, however, the parameter did not show up correctly, and was coded

The problem is greater when I try to insert data into MySQL db (which
expects the normal %XX encoding) and get garbage there as well.

Did anyone use C2 in an html-encoded language? Can you tell me what I need
to do to make it work?
Why is Tomcat working and C2 not? Where is the translation being


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