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From "Mohit Narain" <>
Subject Loading MS Word Documents
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 04:40:02 GMT
I was wondering whether anyone has given links to MS Word documents from
theor Cocoon generated pages. My problem is as follows...

When i hardcode where the file should come from (like c:\try.doc) in the
XSL, the browser looks for it in the local computer which does not make
sense for a non-server machine. However, when i give a "/" prefix and then
the name of the file, the link seems to point to the correct location but
the file does not display. The next option is to define the mime-type (which
for MS Word is application/msword). I did this by adding the following line
to my sitemap.xmap file :

  <map:match pattern="documents/images/**.doc">
    <map:read src="docs/xdocs/images/{1}.doc"

Then i stored the word document in the /images folder... but the page still
didnt load up. I have used the same technique for loading gif images and
those work ok.

Any ideas?

Looking forward to your help.
Best Wishes...Mohit

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