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From "Jacob Cantwell" <>
Subject embedding fonts (FOP and C2)
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 07:50:56 GMT
howdy y'all,

i'm embedding fonts just fine running FOP via the command line, but i'm
trying to set the same thing with cocoon 2.

so far i've added to the sitemap:

<map:serializer name="fo2pdf"
 <user-config src="d:/fop/conf/userconfig.xml"/>

to my userconfig.xml i've got:

    <font metrics-file="FZZQJW.xml" kerning="yes" embed-file="FZZQJW.ttf">
      <font-triplet name="FZZhongQian" style="normal" weight="normal"/>

i've tried it with .pfm, .pfb files and a bunch of combinations of file
referencing (file:, cocoon:). i've also tried adding the files into the c2's
fop.jar file. i've looked at the [c2] pdf under acrobat and the font is not
being embedded.

i think the problem is just my file referencing because it all works just
with FOP, cocoon2 is building the pdf properly but  ignoring my font.

i've tried a million different configurations, read the archives, and i'm
still stuck, so thanks for any help. if i can get this to work, i'll write
up the procedure for the faq.

thanks for any help,

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