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From Tobias Luikard <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and dbXML
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:42:13 GMT

thank god it's friday .-)

But a last question bevor the weekend I got left. Maybe Gianugo can help. The
adding of the XML to the XMLdb works fine. But the reading is a little bit
tricky. I don't wont to use a Generator for this. I'd like to have it in a XSP
side. For this I capsuled the required functionality in a class (this makes
the XSP easier)

But somehow the data from the db wont be added to the pipeline. I tried
different ways. The data were correct read (the System.out.println ()  works),
but in the pipeline they were not.

Has anyone any hints??

Thanks a lot



test.xsp - the XSP Site using the DBContainer - the Container Class encasuling the functionality

Tobias Luikard wrote:

> Hi out there,
> I try to use Cocoon2 (b2) with dbXML. Has anyone done this before?
> For tests I wrote a Cocoon Action. The problem is, that when I try to
> add a document to the db everything works fine until I want to receive
> the collection. When I try the example by the main class everything
> works fine (the code is nearly identical). But in the map act() method
> the code is executed until line 49, then comes the "finally" code
> without any Exception thrown. Its a miracle to me.
> Is it possible that Cocoon resticts here something that dbXML has to
> use?
> Has anyone any hints?
> Thanks for your help
> Tobias
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                        Name:
>    Type: JavaScript Program (application/x-javascript)
>                    Encoding: 8bit
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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