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From (Rajkumar, Joseph)
Subject Strange Behaviour on Solaris-2.7
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:13:22 GMT
Hi Folks

    I have Apache-1.3.20, Tomcat-4.0B7, Cocoon-2.0B2 working with
modweb_app on a box running Mandrake-Linux-8.0 and it works just fine.
When I tried the same thing on Solaris, (remember everything was
from sources except Tomcat), I frequently get the following message,
I go to http://myhost/cocoon. The message is "
  "web application is not loaded".
  I am able to access the http://myhost/webapp-info/ page without any
but I see the Deployment status as "FALSE" many times.

  While I was away to get a cup of coffee, my five-year old son, what
the "shift-reload" on Netscape-4.77 a couple of time, then suddenly, I
the "welcome" page for Cocoon-2 appearing.

  This erratic behaviour is occuring often. When I tried the "Simple
SQL" page
from the "welcome" page, I get the "web application not deployed
but then again when I do a "shift-reload" about three or four times, the
page appears.

  I do not know where to look and why this is happening, any help would
greatly appreciated. If you wish to see the page in action, please let
me know.

Joseph Rajkumar

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