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From Phil Blake <>
Subject New to C2 Question
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 05:31:53 GMT

I've just installed C2 on Tomcat 4.0b7 and so far so good.

I then duplicated the /sub directory (to make a new sub site) and 
renamed it 'test'. I copied and pasted the /sub matcher in the main 
sitemap.xconf and changed the "sub" to "test" for the new sub site. ie. 
I had a duplicate of the sub site example with a new name and a new 

I restarted Tomcat and pointed at:

localhost/cocoon/test/welcome (ie the new sub site)

All I got back was: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Length: 0 Date: Mon, 10 Sep 
2001 05:24:55 GMT Server: Apache Tomcat/4.0-b7 (HTTP/1.1 Connector)

So i assume there has been an error along the way.

My question is: how can I find the error? I've looked through all log 
files in tomcat/logs and there is no mention of any errors. The log does 
contain the failed request with a 404 (Not Found).

Basically there is something wrong and I can't find where cocoon has 
alerted me to the problem.

HELP! :)



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